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Pretty Lights in Telluride

This past weekend we gathered a group of 11 college kids, piled into a van and drove 14 hrs to Telluride, Colorado for a Pretty Lights concert! Needless to say we had a blast and enjoyed the gorgeous views of Telluride as well as the atmosphere of the concert during the weekend!!

Here are a couple photos from the trip!

Group Photo_Logo Jay_Logo


King Arthur’s Light

Antelope Canyon Arthur Lightbeam_Logo


I’ve been going through some old images as I clean up my hard rive and I came across this beauty from 4 years ago when my dad and I traveled through the Southwest United States. Shot in the Upper Antelope Canyon just outside of Paige, Arizona. Amazing that back then I was taking images like this every once in a while. 1/10,000 but still gorgeous!

Blood Moon

Last night a buddy of mine and I decided to head out way past the city lights in a quest for the best picture making opportunities. It was cloudy in Bozeman and we really wanted to get some sweet pictures of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. We raced the clouds, drove recklessly on an empty road and overall had an awesome adventure. We got a 15 minute window between clouds and we took full advantage of it!

Blood Moon 15 minutes after it started!
Blood Moon 15 minutes after it started!


For your viewing pleasure and for everyone stuck in Bozeman or under the clouds somewhere.

Canon T1i 55-250mm lens f/5.6 2 seconds 800 ISO barely touched up at all in Aperture. Fixed some noise issues and sharpened a bit.