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Up close and personal with a Bison

This last weekend my dad traveled to Bozeman to spend a few days enjoying the beautiful colors and wildlife, and abundant photography opportunities that we have during this colorful season. We went into Yellowstone National Park on saturday and traveled through Mammoth Springs, over to Tower Falls and finally ended up spending the night in the middle of the Lamar Valley. When we woke up we were surrounded by a herd of Bison at least 700 strong. We took the opportunity to photograph them while we were within touching distance of the magnificent beasts. This one looked at me at just the right time.

Shot with a Canon 7D on a 70-200mm lens zoomed out at 70mm.



A $6.5 million Photograph


After hearing the hubbub about Peter Lik supposedly selling a photograph of Antelope Canyon for $6.5 million I think it is only appropriate for me to start asking for such a ridiculous sum of money for one of my pictures as well. I will be taking offers starting at $1 million and going up by $1 million increments.

This picture was taken in Antelope Canyon, looking up from the slots towards the gorgeous colors and light that makes these canyons famous.

King Arthur’s Light

Antelope Canyon Arthur Lightbeam_Logo


I’ve been going through some old images as I clean up my hard rive and I came across this beauty from 4 years ago when my dad and I traveled through the Southwest United States. Shot in the Upper Antelope Canyon just outside of Paige, Arizona. Amazing that back then I was taking images like this every once in a while. 1/10,000 but still gorgeous!