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City Flowers

Magenta Flower_Logo

Still organizing my hard drive and I found this picture that I took in 2011 while my dad and I were walking around Bellevue. This flower caught my eye because of its rich color compared to that of its surroundings, mainly concrete and shale.

Also, thanks for sticking around for 100 posts! Hope you guys have been enjoying the blog! Can’t wait to see what I put out in the next year!


Bozeman Car Meet

Every Tuesday night, weather permitting, Drift 406 and 406 Custom host a car meet for anyone interested in showing off their ride or just to look at other peoples cars. We went to the first one of the year, and had a blast taking pictures of some of the classics. I have never been one to take pictures of cars so I decided to mess with lighting. I brought a single strobe and placed it at 45 degrees to the car. I then adjusted power until I got the desired effect. Only 100 test shots and completely killing my flash I got the image below.


Underground Garage

Up and Out

As a buddy and I walked around Bozeman looking for a nice place to take pictures we stumbled across this underground grungy looking garage, with the walls filled with graffiti and a few broken down cars in the corners. The lighting from the overhead lights and the natural light coming down into this staircase made for some lovely contrast. It was an overcast day so the light was soft and evenly directed. After a couple touch-ups in post production to improve the tonal range and fix the saturation I came out with this image!

Light Painting Late Nights

Tonight my future roomates and I went out again past Bridger Bowl Ski Mountain in order to try and have some fun with light painting. As we started the drive it began to rain. Ok we are thinking, this isn’t bad once we get up to higher elevation it will turn to snow. Nope, not only did it not turn to snow it got even worse. It began to pour and we thought we were going to be in big trouble. However, as we pulled over in a place we thought it would be fun to light paint it started to subside. So we quickly got our gear unloaded and ready to shoot. We found this old loader in a construction site we were at. We had a lot of fun paining it. However because we shot on bulb mode and didn’t want to overexpose the loader we had to go at separate times with our headlamps and flashlights. I love seeing how all our pictures turned out. We all shot from similar angles but came up with completely different ideas and images. Anyway, this was my attempt!






Relaxing by the Poolside

These pictures were all taken in the abandoned pool found earlier last week. Some buddies and I decided to head over and light paint for the ┬ánight. We arrived at around 8, and spent the next 4 hrs in a dusty humid pool dragging LED’s with gels on them around. We painted the ceiling, the pool and the walls. It was a wonderful experience and I think we will be heading back with masks, water and possibly food next time.

IMGP0680 IMGP0688

Pentax K-x 10-18mm fisheye lens at F/11 ISO 800 with a 30 second exposure