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King Arthur’s Light

Antelope Canyon Arthur Lightbeam_Logo


I’ve been going through some old images as I clean up my hard rive and I came across this beauty from 4 years ago when my dad and I traveled through the Southwest United States. Shot in the Upper Antelope Canyon just outside of Paige, Arizona. Amazing that back then I was taking images like this every once in a while. 1/10,000 but still gorgeous!


Antelope Canyon, Arizona

On  a trip through Southwest USA we stopped at a little town in Arizona called Page, known well for the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. These Canyons have fantastic lighting and great colors, but really only for about 3 hours. After that the colors go bland and light doesn’t look nearly as good. Here are a couple of my favorites from that adventure!

Antelope Canyon #1 Antelope Canyon 2

Arizona Light

The light through this thorn bush interested me. As a photographer almost all of my pictures rely on a good source of light. Whether it’s the harsh light of the midday sun, or the softer light (which adds long shadows to everything) of the dusk or dawn sun. It might be artificial, it might be diffused, whatever it is, the source of light and its direction directly correlates to a well done photograph.