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Color Final

This post is just my final project for my color class. Its a series of Montana State University students and trees found in and around Bozeman using photoshop techniques to blend the two images together. 1Nick_Blog 2Christine_Blog 3Izzy_Blog 4Jay_Blog 5Nicole_Blog 6Me_Blog 7Gabe_Blog 8Megan_Blog


Red Bike, Teal House

We have been having some crazy weather here in Bozeman. It has been in the mid 50s for the last couple weeks, and its February. Unreal, anyway, I have been going out regularly and shooting some of local bozeman. A lot of people here bike as a form of travel, weather for fun, for work, or to get to class, and since it has been decent weather you can see people riding again.

Here’s a bike that I saw leaned up against a house just down the street from where I live.

Red Bike-1

-4 Degree Pre-Season Adventure

Nick_Closeup Nick_GearCheck



We hit the slopes on Tuesday during Veteran’s Day. Celebrating our freedom by taking advantage of the fresh snowfall. Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t as deep as we were hoping it would be, but we had fun nonetheless. Making sure we had all our safety gear checked and ready to go. The couple hours we spent outside made us realize how great our area of the country is, even if we are freezing our butts off.