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Building Up not Out


Shot in the Rocinho favela in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup. The houses were all built straight up, adding layers and layers instead of spreading the neighborhood out.


Colorful Building Tops

Sometimes its the way the color pops that catches your eyes. Sometimes its the structure of the thing you are looking at. This time it was both. I loved how the light blue top of this house contrasted with the red brick in the rest of the house. The dome top was a strange sight to see in a city filled with flat topped houses and very square and rigid architecture. It was refreshing to say the least. Domed Building Top

Floral Fences

Walking through Santa Teresa in Rio gave us the opportunity to view some incredibly cool houses and entryways. People tended to plant flowers and other such bushes right on the edge of their property and these plants would grow through their fences and handrails to create some interesting curb appeal. I found these 2 along the same street and with the fading light I could not have caught them at a better time!

Floral Fence

Floral Handrail