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Wet Roads in Seattle

Wet Pavement_LogoLoved the reflection of the streetlamp on the wet brick street. This was shot in Pike Place Market on a gloomy day in Seattle (surprise surprise).



Bubble Beards

Was shooting a film with some friends of mine over the weekend and you might recognize this subject as Jay from my previous post and Nick my roommate who has starred in a couple posts as well! We had a scene that we had to shoot in the bathtub and I pulled out the Canon 7d again with my speedlite and on-flash soft box to take some candids of the guys.  They got a little carried away with the bubble soap!




Floral Fences

Walking through Santa Teresa in Rio gave us the opportunity to view some incredibly cool houses and entryways. People tended to plant flowers and other such bushes right on the edge of their property and these plants would grow through their fences and handrails to create some interesting curb appeal. I found these 2 along the same street and with the fading light I could not have caught them at a better time!

Floral Fence

Floral Handrail