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Film is not dead!


Shot with a Rolleiflex with Ektar 100 speed film. Portrait of a Pentax ME 35mm film camera.


Arizona Light

The light through this thorn bush interested me. As a photographer almost all of my pictures rely on a good source of light. Whether it’s the harsh light of the midday sun, or the softer light (which adds long shadows to everything) of the dusk or dawn sun. It might be artificial, it might be diffused, whatever it is, the source of light and its direction directly correlates to a well done photograph.


Tulips Up Close

As of lately I have been shooting a lot of Analog photography. Spending time with my Pentax ME super, my Reflex Korelle, and I have been playing around with the Mamiya RB67 a lot as well. So I am reaching back into my archives for a post and hopefully I will have some of my film shots up on here in the future.

This tulip really caught my eye in the garden back home in Seattle. I love the soft focus my Pentax K-x gave me when using my macro lens. The colors and the selective focus are what really bring these pictures to life!!

IMGP5089 IMGP5080

Fall has come to Seattle

With the weather changing rapidly from the hot sun we Washingtonians aren’t used to, to the rain and gloom that is ever present in West Seattle. The scenery changes from the dull colors of summer and green trees of spring to the rich reds and oranges and yellows of fall. Photographic opportunities are as plentiful as a full harvests bounty.


Horse Fence






Fall Tree