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Snow in Idaho

Snow on Branch_Logo

On the way back to school we stopped in Idaho to visit family and I took this picture in the backyard. Loved the way the light hit the snow that was resting on this bush.


Light Painting Late Nights

Tonight my future roomates and I went out again past Bridger Bowl Ski Mountain in order to try and have some fun with light painting. As we started the drive it began to rain. Ok we are thinking, this isn’t bad once we get up to higher elevation it will turn to snow. Nope, not only did it not turn to snow it got even worse. It began to pour and we thought we were going to be in big trouble. However, as we pulled over in a place we thought it would be fun to light paint it started to subside. So we quickly got our gear unloaded and ready to shoot. We found this old loader in a construction site we were at. We had a lot of fun paining it. However because we shot on bulb mode and didn’t want to overexpose the loader we had to go at separate times with our headlamps and flashlights. I love seeing how all our pictures turned out. We all shot from similar angles but came up with completely different ideas and images. Anyway, this was my attempt!






Relaxing by the Poolside

These pictures were all taken in the abandoned pool found earlier last week. Some buddies and I decided to head over and light paint for the  night. We arrived at around 8, and spent the next 4 hrs in a dusty humid pool dragging LED’s with gels on them around. We painted the ceiling, the pool and the walls. It was a wonderful experience and I think we will be heading back with masks, water and possibly food next time.

IMGP0680 IMGP0688

Pentax K-x 10-18mm fisheye lens at F/11 ISO 800 with a 30 second exposure

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

On  a trip through Southwest USA we stopped at a little town in Arizona called Page, known well for the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. These Canyons have fantastic lighting and great colors, but really only for about 3 hours. After that the colors go bland and light doesn’t look nearly as good. Here are a couple of my favorites from that adventure!

Antelope Canyon #1 Antelope Canyon 2

Arizona Light

The light through this thorn bush interested me. As a photographer almost all of my pictures rely on a good source of light. Whether it’s the harsh light of the midday sun, or the softer light (which adds long shadows to everything) of the dusk or dawn sun. It might be artificial, it might be diffused, whatever it is, the source of light and its direction directly correlates to a well done photograph.