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Capuchin Monkeys in Costa Rica

Saw these little guys climbing around our hotel in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. Of course as soon as we were ready to take a picture they would start moving again. I wish these monkeys could have stopped for just a second longer but alas, after 30 minutes of bad pictures we finally got a couple. The light went down shortly after but it was awesome to see my favorite animal up close!





Backyard Creek

This creek is not literally in my backyard, but I count it because the wilderness is my backyard in Montana. This little river is an awesome place to go for some solitude time in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of campus life. Anybody that knows Bozeman knows that this was not taken recently. However, I felt like it was worth sharing some spring/summer like pictures in order to get people excited about the end of the cold and the beginning of the heat!

Backyard Creek





Working with Multiple Exposures

I have been learning how to make a multiple exposure in my Analog Photography class and I figured I would try my hand at doing multiple exposure images with digital. My thought process being that if I can do it in the darkroom I can do it with photoshop. And Vice-Versa. Little did I know that while sandwhiching negatives in a darkroom and feathering hard edges worked, in photoshop it did not. I had to watch many videos and try multiple times but I finally think I got the hang of it. Here is the final multiple exposure. *Note, neither of the images used are mine, as the weather in Bozeman is a little cold to go out and shoot for a few hours.

Woman looking out over the city, her inner self wishing to be in the woods.
Woman looking out over the city, her inner self wishing to be in the woods.

Fall has come to Seattle

With the weather changing rapidly from the hot sun we Washingtonians aren’t used to, to the rain and gloom that is ever present in West Seattle. The scenery changes from the dull colors of summer and green trees of spring to the rich reds and oranges and yellows of fall. Photographic opportunities are as plentiful as a full harvests bounty.


Horse Fence






Fall Tree