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Snow in Idaho

Snow on Branch_Logo

On the way back to school we stopped in Idaho to visit family and I took this picture in the backyard. Loved the way the light hit the snow that was resting on this bush.


Fresh Pow at Bridger Bowl

Went up skiing on Friday and decided to take my camera with me! With 11 inches of fresh snow and it snowing at about 1 inch an hour the weather couldn’t have been better. These were taken off Schlasmens lift after hiking the rest of the way to the peak, the snow was fluffy and the skiing was amazing!

IMGP9548 IMGP9557_2

Shot with my Pentax K-x and a 50mm Sigma Lens at f5.6



Snow in Seattle

For the past 5 days Seattle has experienced a snow storm unlike any other in the past decade or so. We have received 6-7 inches of snowfall continously. The snow is unlike any other, big fluffy flakes the slowly drift to the ground as if trying to prolong their meeting with the other snow and enjoying the freedom of floating.The muffled footseps as I walk through the snow help to isolate me further from the rest of the world. Snow is falling all around me and its magical. Schools have been closed all over the greater Seattle area for the past 3 days and most likely will continue into the weekend. The neighborhoods are bustling with sledding kids and snowmen are cropping up in every yard. Its absolutley wonderful and if you live anyplace that it snows a great deal during the winter I envy you!